December 2011

Roadblocks To Peace

Rocket Attacks In Gaza

    Over the past several articles I have been covering some of the aspects visible in the continuing issues of the Middle East. It is quite certain that most people are familiar with many of the historical, social, and political issues that continue to arise in the diplomatic discussions and engagements that the United States, Israel, and the Palestinians have had over time and have at present.  The recent bid by the Palestinians for statehood at the United Nations is a bold marker that there is a desire to move forward, but even as that is being pushed into the media spotlight there is conflict in Gaza. (At left is a picture of a Qassam rocket displayed in a town hall, with pictures of residents killed in rocket attacks).

Confrontations At The United Nations

Palestinians Renew Request for United Nations Full Inclusion


  The political progress in the Middle East is slow, but the support that the United States has shown for Israel through President Obama's speech at the United Nations is enormous.  The Quartet has issued an outline for peace that follows a year-long timeline and also expressed hopes that Israel and the Palestinians will return to the peace table. The application to the United Nations once again brings the plight of the Palestinian people, as well as the issues that seem to block peace into the international spotlight.

A Week In Review

Peace Talks to Resume?


  This past week was a week like few others in recent memory.  Newt Gingrich and additional candidates said that they would likely move the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel according to the Jerusalem Post and confirmed by other media outlets.  Bold statements coming as the Quartet (photo at left shows representatives from the United States, the European Union, Russia, and the United Nations) express hopes that the Palestinians and the Israelis will make it to the peace table (JP).