Confrontations At The United Nations

Confrontations At The United Nations

Palestinians Renew Request for United Nations Full Inclusion


  The political progress in the Middle East is slow, but the support that the United States has shown for Israel through President Obama's speech at the United Nations is enormous.  The Quartet has issued an outline for peace that follows a year-long timeline and also expressed hopes that Israel and the Palestinians will return to the peace table. The application to the United Nations once again brings the plight of the Palestinian people, as well as the issues that seem to block peace into the international spotlight.

     In a series of political charged, rhetorical speeches President Obama of the United States, Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinians and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu each addressed the United Nations assembly.  The hall resounded with each of their rhetorical demonstrations, with the applause of their supporters and the quiet exits of those offended.  This was no day for the weak stomached as each leader presented the case of their nation and their desires.  The Palestinians push for United Nations acceptance, the United States said it would block if the vote ever came to United Nations Security Council, and Netanyahu maintains his stance seeking to maintain his conservative political backing in Israel.

     What is perhaps the most interesting when reading the Palestinian claim to status in the United Nations is the adept use of historical precedence.  The United Nations has already recognized various major provisions relating to the Palestinian people, having done so in 1947 and 1988.  The international community has already recognized the state in a number of respects.  The United Nations Security Council has also issued a number of historic statements and resolutions that include the need for a "two state solution for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict".

     It remains to be seen whether, after this weekend break,  the United Nations will follow through on the provisions, resolutions and statements issued over the years. Whether the Quartet will succeed in bringing the Israeli's and the Palestinians to the peace table.  Perhaps, even bring an end to the conflict that has raged in blood and lives for decades.