November 2011

Call For Jihad Issued

Sunni Protests in Egypt Call for Al-Aqsa Mosque Reclamation



           Destabilization continues in the Middle East.  Egypt has multiple protests at this point and multiple locations for those protests.  Even, as elections are coming for the people there is a deep concern that the military rule of the nation will continue.  However, it is not the Egyptian concern for military rule that particular concerns this article's author.  It is the continued rise of an old form of Jihad.  Here is a prime example of the dangers present to Israel from these new revolutions in the form of an additional third protest in Egypt.  Organized over the past several weeks this protest has avowed the following goal: "save Al-Aqsa mosque from Israel". 

The Arab Winter

Continued Destabilization, A Threat to Israel?

It is almost the Arab winter.  The Arab spring turned to summer, and then to fall, and now we approach winter and unrest throughout the Middle East continues unabated.   The destabilization of the region has increased an already volatile region into violent clashes between protesters and their would-be-governments.   The power of the personal computer as represented through blogging, up-to-date news, and a host of social functions has allowed, what appears to be a younger generation's rise to power through protest and international focus and attention.  

      None of this information is particularly new "news" to most people.  However, the increase of violence in these uprisings is showing the emotional/psychological state of many in this vast region.  Whether or not all generations are in agreement as to what their particular goals might be they still move forward with destabilizing their governments.  The sources of strength that these protestors are relying on are in all reality radical formats of the same thing they are overthrowing.   Religious movements that are espousing additional platform ideas support them, and they are bent on radical implementation of Moslem laws and possibly a poll tax for any who are not Moslem (and this writer does not doubt other measures, that Jews are already familiar with from history).