August 2011

Kosher Wine

Many Americans, both Jewish and non-Jewish, have grown up with an understanding of kosher wine. Specifically, most know of the sweet, low-alcohol varieties made from concord grapes, namely Manischewitz and Mogen David. But what exactly separates kosher wine from non-kosher wine? And just as importantly, are those things relevant to modern Jews?

Areleh Harel and Gay Marriage in Judaism


Recently, an orthodox rabbi named Areleh Harel has received some media attention for his unconventional solution to the question of same-sex attraction in Judaism. Rabbi Harel has been performing weddings of homosexual men to homosexual women in an attempt to give them a place in the orthodox community, including the creation of families. This service has been extended to an online matchmaking service intended to pair homosexual Jews for just such unions. This, naturally, begs the question: Is this correct according to Jewish philosophy?